Friday, June 19, 2009

It's done.

Chapter 20: Being Human, on FFN, with an epilogue and an afterword also posted as well.

I've said enough in the afterword about the whole experience. I will just say here that I'm immensely gratified to have finished Echoes and will be looking forward to finishing my outline and getting to work on Identity or maybe even Eclipse. It's a strange feeling to finish a long story like this one; I remember the immense relief I felt when I finished The Blind Illusions, my first trilogy (which I intend to completely throw away and rewrite, I might add), and the same catharsis from finishing Nicholas Torrence, my second (well, fourth) novel, the first one I've seriously considered publishing. This sojourn into fanfiction has been a fascinating one, and I still have stories to tell, but I still see it as merely a diversion, a way to improve myself on the way back to original work. For now, though, I am satisfied. For a day, and a day only, I can rest.

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