Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Identity 01 draft complete

I've finished a draft of "In the Cold Rain," clocking in at 74 pages and 13.8k words in 4 acts. There are some things I want to fix, and putting it down for at least a week to give it a once-over seems like good practice. I'm going to start outlining chapter two, "The Village."

Perhaps I approach writing in a mechanical sort of fashion, but I've been concerned lately with two of Ingermanson's suggested techniques: that of scene and sequel (where any given scene either comprises a goal-conflict-disaster pattern or a reaction-dilemma-decision pattern in response) and motivation-response units (MRUs). Even now I'm still trying to find a balance in these techniques, whether to apply them prior to writing, in an outlining context, or after, in a revision context. Since I care little for revision, the former might be more useful to me, but I need to learn to revise better anyway. It's just a matter of, well, not half-doing it, I suppose.

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