Monday, May 10, 2010

Pages and fora

I transferred some content from an old post I made to a static page on Ranma 1/2, which can be seen at the top. Another page there is a page on Identity. I'm not quite as sure what I'm going to do with that yet. Right now it's just chapter summaries (which I always struggle with--how much do you spoil, how much do you save...). Me, I'm the kind of person who generally wants to know a lot about something before I read it or watch it. I'd like this page to be that to someone who's on the fence about trying the story or wants to know where it's going, but for now, I'm leaving it as is.

On my crawl through the Ranma fora on FFN, I realized that the number had incremented by one, from 93 to 94. And so, I flipped to the end of the listing (since, you know, they're in order from most posts to least) and discovered A Hypothesis of Psyche, stated, in part, to explore and discuss character interpretations. This is really cool, in my book, as I think these sorts of discussions need to be held and reheld every so often, so that new people can discover the characters and people already well-established in fandom can see what new interpretations are like. And knowing how FFN's forum sorting works, I figured I'd make a post and help out the owner of the forum, as well as see if something interesting might come of it (which I think it has).

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