Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Glimpse," fresh eyes, and "Prodigal Daughter"

After I got back from my relativity final on Thursday, I finished "Glimpse." When I'd left it last, I'd felt like I just didn't know how to write something short. Maybe, to an extent, I still don't. I had only a vague outline, one that I altered and embellished to a large extent. Hey, I wrote about 7,000 words today. That much writing is actually kind of dangerous, I think. You start losing perspective, and there's quite a bit about timing and stuff that I'd like to tweak, but it was an enlightening experience, to write, in essence, a story with only one perspective, to 11,500 words over 11 scenes. (Is my math background showing?)

When MZephyr gets back from his trip, I intend to ask his permission to post this story--it wasn't wholly my idea, after all, even if I did build on it in my own ways. I actually welcome the time I will have to think it over; I ended up incorporating an idea that might be more intriguing than the original wish approach, and having looked at "Resurrection and Life" again (after not seeing it for a few days), it reminded me why I toyed with a rule of not posting without at least a few days away from a piece. It helps to look at this stuff with fresh eyes, after all.

I'm about to finish the first act of "The Prodigal Daughter." This is where everything collapses and condenses, so I've found it somewhat difficult to do, at least in the build up to the confrontation that will happen later. But, in the end, everyone's been looking for the same thing, haven't they? Maybe they have.

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