Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Glimpse" posted, progress on Echoes

"Glimpse," on Fanfiction.Net

I received permission from M.Zephyr Sunday night to post "Glimpse," and after some last-minute polishing (a job never fully realized, I fear), I posted it to FFN Monday afternoon. Thus far, the response has been very positive, and I'm pleased that my writing has endured some scrutiny from a wider audience. It's also, in my mind, a good way to get my name out there for when I get to working on Identity.

Something I also noticed was just how much interest in fandom drives response. For Echoes, I'm lucky to get 70-80 hits when I update. For "Glimpse," I've received approximately 600 hits just in the first day (which started around noon). In a way, it makes me sad that Rockman is as small a fandom as it is (or at least, for its size, a fandom fragmented by many different games, shows, and other media--this is why EXE used to have its own category, after all), but it also makes me excited to join a larger community of people. At any rate, it should be an interesting experience.

I've finished the second act of chapter 20 of Echoes. Perhaps this business with "Glimpse" has been a distraction, but I've found the chapter difficult to write thus far, which saddens me, but I do think it's coming together. I'm hopeful.

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