Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Identity 03 drafted

I'm pleased to say that act 6 is now finished; the whole of "Journey to Jusenkyo" will now be under review. If the initial pass goes well, I'm considering posting act 0 (the prelude) perhaps as soon as Friday.

So far, I'm still going with the plan of posting one act per week; that will give me roughly seven weeks to work on "Monsters and Demons." I do have a loose thread there in terms of plotting; I've technically ended chapter 3 earlier (in terms of plot) than I'd planned on, so there will have to be some reshuffling. Again, however, I figure if I'm upfront about the update schedule and my reservations about it, perhaps the audience will forgive me more for slipups. Who can say.

Anyway, I'm really glad to have this chapter in review stage. All in all, while I have some things I do want to clean up, I feel great about this chapter, and I'm eager to get it posted.

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