Friday, April 16, 2010

Identity 3.1 - "The Nerima Conclave"

"The Nerima Conclave" on Fanfiction.Net

I had a couple issues with this chapter, one being that the way I was formatting chapter titles on FFN, I hit character limit, so yeah, not so much. This is a real shame, because I still wanted the overall chapter structure to be apparent despite posting in smaller chunks. I guess this'll have to do, though, until I have a better idea to make it work.

Commentary on this chapter will probably be written up after my electronics test tomorrow morning. Heh.

I do want to mention one thing, though: I found an intriguing article for Ranma fandom, both readers and authors alike: Ranma 1/2 fan fiction writers: new narrative themes or the same old story? It's a broader commentary on fanfiction as a whole with Ranma used as the main example. It also mentions two rather famous fan authors: Krista (Perry) Fisk and Joseph Palmer. I think the article is an interesting read for fans and authors in general, as it really puts into perspective how the community works.

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